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by Mike - July 16th, 2010.
Filed under: Game Dev, Phys2D, Slick2D, Tiled.

Well, I got basic physics working the way I want it to. I used and modified Kevin Glass‘s Slick2d/PHYS2D Platform Example. The only problem with his example was that it was not using Tiled to build the tile maps, and I had decided that Tiled is going to be the way I make the environment in my game.So I had to integrate Tiled support. Basically I replace Mr. Glass’s map loading functions with the ones built in Slick2D for loading Tiled tile maps. Works very nicely too.

All the platforms are in their own layer, aptly named “platform” and by using the properties of tiles I can tell the game what kind of physics shape to associate to that particular tile.

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  1. This sample is really something man! I’m glad to see you have found some character designs to play around with.

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