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by Mike - June 7th, 2010.
Filed under: Game Dev, Tiled.

My previous post I had fleshed out some rudimentary collision to test Tiled’s ability to put properties on different tiles. Since then I’ve fleshed out a little more advanced collision. As you can see in the video below the test game is very basic, but is does show off my awesome artistic ability. Because this game will be tiled based this basic collision detection seems to work well. I basically check eight points around my stickfigure guy every time I move, and if the next move will put that point within a block, don’t move. I like it, but I know I will need to refine the process more. I think next I will try and tackle slopes.

Enjoy the awesome visuals.

Got rid of the video, had an annoying audio track in it that sound like a slow heartbeat.

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